"I wish my work didn't feel like work"

Maybe you're a bit like me

You begin every new project with passion. You throw yourself into every new job with enthusiasm and dedication. But sooner or later, the same thing happens.

A labor of love devolves into deadlines, drudgery, and despair.

What to do?

Turn to your heart for the answer

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What does it mean to work from the heart?

On December 21, 2012, at the tail end of a creative burnout that ended my second career, I made a solemn promise to myself. More than anything else in the world, I wanted to know what it means to work from the heart.

In pursuit of an answer, I purchased a one-way ticket to a small island, where I pondered that question, working odd jobs and meditating in caves.

Then I wrote a book so you could skip that step.

Working from the Heart is an online course that condenses a decade of insight and growth into 35 pages, five video lessons, and five simple practices.

Your heart offers you courage, acceptance, peace, wisdom, inspiration, gratitude, patience, kindness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, faith, trust, joy, bliss, ecstasy, and unconditional love.

Working from the Heart is the practice of cultivating these qualities of the heart. It means living from your deepest truth.

This course is based, in part, on the Sedona Method.

This is what I wish for you

Discover your heart's deepest desires, and infuse your work with meaning and purpose, so that even the most mundane tasks can be an expression of love;

Awaken your inner genius by learning to surrender your cares, worries and problems, and welcome inspiration, insights and solutions;

Build empathetic bridges from your heart to your colleages, friends and family, so that you enjoy smooth communication, friction-free collaboration, and positive outcomes;

Master your emotions, so that you can easily recover from everyday upsets without allowing them to ruin your entire day.

Activate the courage, wisdom and intuitive guidance of your heart, so that you enjoy ever increasing levels of success, happiness, freedom, and peace.

Invite these five practices to grow into habits

Working from the Heart does not require study, strain, or stress. Allow yourself to play with these exercises. Notice what works for you, and what you enjoy.

Pushing the Reset Button

The thymus thump is a simple technique that demonstrates the energetic connection of your heart and body. A vigorous thump can reset your emotional state, enabling you to overcome an upset with courage, gratitude and love. A gentle tap can lead you to a meditative state of rest in the healing, life affirming emotions of the heart.

Loving Yourself Awake

Use heart energy to set the emotional tone for the day. Begin each day with courage, faith, trust, gratitude and unconditional love, so that working from the heart becomes a habit.

Listening for Insight

Learn how to consistently and reliably tap into insight, inspiration, and intuitive guidance. Spend a moment before sleep to surrender your worries to the power that knows the way. Learn to listen for the still, small voice of the heart that offers peace and certainty.

Centering Yourself in Love

Connect to your heart throughout the day and create empathic bridges to your colleagues, family, friends and loved ones. Hold a problem, a task, or a piece of communication to your heart and infuse it with courage, kindness, trust and compassion.

What is Your Heart's Desire?

Open yourself to your heart's deepest desires and use them as a compass to guide you through your day, the world, and any troubles that may arise.

Listen to the gains others have enjoyed

These video extracts were recorded with a live cohort of students in December 2022

Here's what you'll receive

Working from the Heart is a 35-page book that offers five practices that enable you to reliably tap into courage, wisdom and intuitive guidance. This book is available as a downloadable PDF.

Working from the Heart includes 5.5 hours of recorded instruction conducted with 12 participants, including questions and answers. These lessons are available as streaming video.

Five guided meditations lead you through each of the five practices. These recordings are available for streaming, as well as download.

You get lifetime access to the course.

Can you afford to wait?

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Put your mind at ease with this unconditional guarantee

I'm confident you will enjoy courage, creative insights and increasing levels of success by applying the practices offered in this course.

However, if you're not satisfied with this course, for any reason, you can receive a full refund within seven days of purchase, no questions asked.

For a limited time, get Working from the Heart for the low price of just $97



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